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Hardware Services

Computing Solutions Ltd has an affiliation with an IT Company EntireTech Ltd which supplies a full range of quality hardware products and services at an affordable cost.   Please contact us and discuss what you require.  We can help with your hardware requirements in the following areas:

PC Hardware

Computers, laptops, monitors, printers and related hardware products. Please contact us to arrange for a representative to visit and assess your needs. Christchurch and Canterbury areas.  Accessories such as removable hard drives and USB drives are also extremely useful and cost effective.


A reliable network is an essential requirement for most businesses in today’s busy world. When an office is connected, so are people. Ideas are shared more quickly. More informed decisions are made. Everyone moves faster. Being connected saves time. Progress can happen with fewer meetings. Users have simple access to shared equipment such as printers, scanners, ADSL connections and more.

Anti-virus Software

As well as providing the hardware for your network solution we can also provide the appropriate software to keep your data safe and secure, free from virus attacks and up to date. We can provide internet protection to meet your specific needs. From firewalls to antivirus software we have the knowledge and experience to provide the solution.

Offsite Backup

We also provide a regular backup service that can have your system up and running same day if disaster should strike. By taking a clone of your Hard Drive and storing it off site in our monitored premises we can guarantee you peace of mind. Please feel free to contact us regarding our backup services or internet protection software.

Remote Desktop

Desktop provides access from a remote location to a central office computer, giving you the flexibility to work on your  computer from anywhere, anytime.  Remote Desktop is really useful for many MYOB users.

Please contact us to enquire about the technical requirements for setting up Remote desktop