Computing Solutions Limited | MYOB Software Specialists

Customised software

Computing Solutions Ltd has written many individual customised applications.

These have included

Budget Forecasts

Customer Sales by Produce Group

Customer Sales Order form

Job Transactions (Multi-year) – new report

Job Summary – sort by Job number, name or profit

Stock report – quantity calculated from packet sizes

Product Sales report – by Customer area

Rep Sales report – by product within area

Australian GST report – using special GST code

Item Sales Labels – details from sales invoices

Inventory Labels – details from Inventory records

File conversions

As long as the data is available in your MYOB data file, we can usually provide the report you need.

You can have selection and sort options according to your needs.

Output can be sent to a PDF writer, a printer or to Excel.

Please contact us to find more information or obtain a quotation for the cost.