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With the advent of the new MYOB AccountRight applications, there has been a major change in the way that third party add-on software reads and writes the MYOB data file.  The new API provides MYOB users with a wider range of applications, including apps that can be used on tablets, phones etc, and accessing on-line data.

If you are currently using add-on software, and  wish to upgrade to the cloud software,  it will be important to check with add-on providers about the status of the particular software you are using.  It may come down to a choice bewteen upgrading your MYOB software even if it means your report may not be available for a while, or whether you want to stick with your current MYOB version until your add-on software is ready to go with the new MYOB versions.

At the current time of writing the new API version of Sidekick Reporting has been running for six years.  There are now more than 80 reports and more are being added all the time.