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Help for MYOB

We provide fast and efficient support services for MYOB software.                                              Just contact us to help solve your problem.

This can be either:

    • on-site (Canterbury area)          call 027 438 5082 or Contact us to arrange
    • by phone (anywhere)                call +64 27 438 5082
    • on-line support over the internet (anywhere), where we can both see your screen and identify any problem areas.
    • review new versions
    • dedicated training sessions

Setting up a new Company

As we are a country of DIY experts, it is tempting to set up a new MYOB system with no outside help.   You will be far better to have our expert help working with you, to make sure your new file is set up correctly.  Often 3 to 4 hours will make a huge difference.  It is best to be in your own office, where you have all the relevant details at hand.  This may include:

    • setting up accounts, customer, suppliers, inventory
    • setting up initial balances
    • preparing invoice and statements formats
    • entering initial entries and reconciling
    • setting up new users

Training for Accounting software

 On-site training will set you up for accurate and successful use of your AccountRight software. This may include:

    • checking accounts are set up correctly
    • help with inventory issues
    • entering daily entries correctly
    • correct end-of-month procedures and check list
    • correct GST reporting
    • preparing and reconciling end of year balances

Training for Payroll software

 It doesn’t take much time to get you started, and you will reap the rewards by avoiding mistakes that take precious time to fix.  This may include:

    • setting up employees pay codes
    • setting up annual leave and holiday pay
    • processing regular pay runs

Training sessions free of distractions

 See further details of training sessions we offer in our own office

Health Check for your data file

 It is very common for discrepancies to creep into any accounting system, no matter how hard you try to make it perfect!  We can take the worry away by spending some time to ensure its all looking good.   An ideal time to do this is at each two month GST Return period.

Examples of checks include:

    • reconcile bank accounts
    • reconcile Receivables and Payables
    • reconcile inventory balances
    • reconcile GST balances

Trouble Shooting

If you have come unstuck for one of those annoying reasons you can’t put your finger on, we can be on-site usually within 24 hours, or else log into your screen at a suitable time.  Just contact us to help solve your problem.


We provide newsletters to our clients. These contain a range of articles mostly relating to MYOB products, including tips and hints for things that are not always obvious from the outside. There are always details regarding the latest software releases and upgrades available.

 For help with any of the above areas please contact us any time.