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Sidekick ReportsFor MYOB AccountRight software
Standard RRPAU$600.00 ... NZ$600.00 plus GST
Initial Setup$120 per hour. Setup assistance online. (Optional).
For existing users to upgrade from v19$400 (plus GST)
Annual FeeThe annual maintenance fee is $150 plus GST. This is to acknowledge the continual addition of new reports and features.
CompatibilitySidekick is specifically designed for MYOB® AccountRight Products
Sidekick works with local files network files and also cloud files
Steps to installDownload the ZIP file; extract the EXE file and double-click
Key FeaturesReports are being added to the new version based on demand. All reports have options to suit your requirements. We can sometimes add further options or even make a new report depending on your needs. You can purchase the standard version or else contact us for a quotation for a new report.
Order FormSidekick Order Form
For more detailsRead Sidekick Report Features
Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions

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Compound InterestShows the effect of compound interest on a deposit for a given term and interest rate.
ConversionsConvert a wide range of physical measurements from metric to imperial
Create Raw DataGeneral ledger transactions;Sales to Mitre10 stores
Loan CalculatorSpecify the amount of the loan or the repayment you can afford
MailMerge fileSample Mail Merge file
Validate import files

New Features – Reports with Foreign Currency

Sales by CurrencyShows details of Customer Sales within each Currency. Includes value at today's exchange rate.Sample
Sales by CustomerShows details of Customer Sales within each CurrencySample
Sales by Customer (Invoice)Shows details of Customer invoices within each CurrencySample
Sales by Customer (Item)Shows details of Item Sales to each Customer within each CurrencySample
Sales by ItemShows details of Item Sales within each CurrencySample
Salesperson Sales (Commission)Calculates Commission on Salesperson Sales for each Currency (Invoice only)Sample
Salesperson Sales (Customer)Shows details of Customer Sales within each CurrencySample
Purchases DetailShows Purchase details with each Currency and SupplierSample
Customer PaymentsShows details of Invoice Payments by CurrencySample