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Sidekick Reports (Classic)


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Sidekick Reports for MYOBSpecifically designed for MYOB® Accounting Products (v19)
Standard version RRPAU$500.00 NZ$500.00 plus GST
Download a free trial copyA trial copy is free until registered (approx 10MB).
Steps to install:Download the ZIP file; extract the MSI file and double-click
Frequently asked questionsClick here to view FAQs
MYOB EndorsementSidekick Reports features on the MYOB Add-ons website in the Advanced Reporting section.
Key Features:This software has over 90 reports using data from your MYOB file. All reports have options to suit your requirements. We can sometimes add further options or even make a new report depending on your needs. You can purchase the standard version or else contact us for a quotation for a new report.
For more detailsRead Sidekick Features
Please noteThis is the Classic version. It runs with MYOB Classic v19 versions only.
Other price options
Standard - 2 reports$400.00 plus GST
Professional - all reports$600.00 plus GST
With Membership Manager$400.00 plus GST

Report Samples

Budget ComparisonJob Summary
Budget Comparison (Jobs)Job Transactions
Budget ForecastProduction Schedule
Budget Forecast (Jobs)Profit & Loss Transactions
Budget Forecast (Trading Accounts)Profit & Loss (Trading Accounts)
Customer Card ListPurchases Detail
Customer HistoryPurchases Summary
Freight ManifestSales by Customer (Item)
General Ledger DetailsSales by Customer (Monhtly)
GST ReportSales by Item
Inventory Bill of MaterialsSales by Item (Groups)
Inventory by LocationSales by Item (Monthly)
Inventory Status ReportSalesperson Commission
Inventory Stock TurnSalesperson Sales (Customer)
Inventory SummarySalesperson Sales (Item)
Inventory ValuationSalesperson Sales (Monthly)
Job ComparisonSalesperson Sales (Summary)
Job ProfitabilitySalesperson Customers
Job Profit & LossSupplier Transactions