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Customer Comments

Sidekick ReportsI wouldn't be using MYOB if there was no SidekickGraeme, Eurobrands NZ
Budget Comparison (With Forecast)Just what we needed and wanted, wish I’d known about your services 3 years ago!Brett Noonan, Premier Lifestyle Villages, NZ
Budget Comparison (Jobs)My Boss will be stoked with this!Lynda, Storage King,NSW
Budget Comparison (P&L)If only more people knew this report was availableDave McQuire, Valentine Bowling Club, NSW
Cashflow ReportsThey look fabulous!David, Minomic International Ltd, NSW
Customer relationsYou have set the bar very high!Graeme, Eurobrands, NZ
Item SalesI can't live without my Sidekick!Greg, Agricola Mining, SA
Profit & LossI LOVE this report, very helpful for work I do for our Directors.Tracey Fox, 3rd Wave Capital, WA
Sales by JobPeter, You are a legend, works perfectly!Nelson Lopes, Director, VLL Partners, North Sydney
Sales OrdersThis report is a godsend for us, we wouldn't manage without it now.Annette McCrae, McCraes Blinds and Curtains, NZ
Salesperson CommissionThis report saves us hours of timeRebecca Herring, Artstyle, NZ
Sidekick ReportsIt all works perfectly. I very much appreciate your perseverance and responsiveness.Ruth, Australian Private Hospitals Assn, NSW
Sidekick ReportsHow good is this! A product that does everything and more, with great support.Michael Ratner, Compendium Pty, WA
Sales by Customer (Invoices)This is an amazing report for us Peter, you have really outdone yourself!!Adam, Hancroft NZ Ltd,NZ