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Remote Support

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We can provide support and training for your MYOB system no matter where you are, in the city, in a small town or in the outback.   If you are in Australia (or New Zealand) and have Skype this system is ideal, as there is no communication cost.

We log into your system using Teamviewer software, and we can both see your screen, and carry out processes together.   The process is totally under your control, and there is a password you provide which changes for each session.

Remote support works really well, and provides the following advantages

    • very quick response for emergencies
    • quickly identifies errors when you need them fixed
    • helps resolve situations with multiple folders and file names
    • no travel costs
    • totally under your control

If you have Skype this works well otherwise you can call when it suits you.

Time is charged on an hourly basis (or part thereof), and is extremely cost effective if you want rapid assistance.

Call us by phone (+64 27 438 5082) or Contact us to arrange a suitable time.

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On-line Meetings

We can also provide demonstrations of MYOB software or Add-on software by means of an on-line meeting.  This enables one or more people at your end to look at software being run at this end.

Call us by phone (+64 27 438 5082) or Contact us to arrange a suitable time.

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Please contact us for more information regarding remote support.