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Add-on software – recent changes

January 2017 – reports added recently

Budget Comparison (Portrait), Job Activity

Sales by Customer (Monthly), Sales by Item (Monthly), Salesperson Sales (Monthly)

Stock Alert, Timebilling Summary, Timebilling (Job Details)

January 2016 – Sidekick now runs with MYOB Cloud versions

We now have a new version of Sidekick which can run on local, file server and cloud files

May 2014 – User Access Control

A new option to enable the Administrator to set up permitted reports for each MYOB User ID (particularly with MS TS systems)

May 2014 – Sidekick – Budget Forecast (GL)

A new option added to include Balance Sheet accounts (showing 12 months Actual and Budget)

April 2014 – Sidekick – Consolidated reports

Improvements made to report on Groups of Companies

January 2014 – Sidekick – Cashflow from Source Account

This is a new report which shows all transactions over a date range from a given source account

December 2013 – Sidekick – Budget Comparison (Jobs)

‘One line per Job’ is a new option.  This provides a very condensed report with each Job taking up only one line

 ‘Include header Jobs only’ is a new option.  This option provides a report with only Job Headers

November 2013 – Sidekick – Customer History

A new format has been added which prints one line per customer, including Sales total, and contact details


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